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About Me

What’s my story?

I was the first hire of the growth team that grew Hubstaff’s revenue from $200,000ARR to $2.4M ARR in two years. I also advise a couple of SaaS startups on their growth strategy and run a small newsletter for bootstrapped SaaS founders. You can subscribe to it from the top bar form.

What is my marketing philosophy?

The three Cs.

What is my expertise?

From a T-shaped perspective, my expertise is in content marketing (SEO, content, email marketing, CRO) & partnerships. Outside of that, my experience has led me to build some useful skills in marketing operations (scaling strategies, building & managing processes & driving project ownership by team members via KPIs). I believe in a remote-first work culture.

Anything else?

Influential SaaS powerhouses like Trello, Salesforce & Upwork have published my work and media outlets like Entrepreneur, CIO & have covered my strategies. If you want to read those articles, here are some of my best ones:

  1. How I Train New Hires Over and Over Again Without Losing My Mind
  2. The business-goal driven mindset that enabled us to grow 5x
  3. My advice to first-time managers
  4. Achieving Hyper-Growth With a Team I’ve Never Met in Person
  5. How We Used Time Analysis to Reduce Churn
  6. How We Scaled a 100% Remote Team (Video)
  7. How we made a CRM tool 500% faster
  8. Hiring the right remote worker (my interview with CIO magazine)
  9. Growth lessons on growing from $200,000 ARR to $2M ARR (podcast)
  10. Processes – the key ingredient of a winning growth strategy
  11. What I learnt after interviewing 15,000+ freelancers from 156 countries
  12. How marketing KPIs empowered my team
  13. How we manage our marketing KPIs (our 3 step process)

Successful strategies

  1. Process that helped us grow from 8k to 48k organic traffic in 20 months
  2. Transforming a marketing ‘tactic’ into a ‘scalable strategy’
  3. My Experience With Building & Scaling A Curated Newsletter
  4. How I grew Hubstaff’s social traffic by 350%
  5. Using Direct Sales to Grow Hubstaff from $287k to $883k
  6. How Integration Partnerships Contribute 5-10% to Hubstaff’s $1.3M+ Revenue
  7. Lessons as a marketer from a real-life incident

What’s next?

Read the articles on the blog, there are just a handful of them.

  1. Thoughts on achieving $2M milestone in SaaS (Business)
  2. Mind-mapping 2017 (Life)
  3. Doing to Delegating: A course for founders on transitioning from a doer to a delegator.