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About Me

What’s my story?

I am a marketing professional and I specialise in growing software products. My experience varies greatly – from being the first marketing hire  to running the marketing team of a $40 million company. That experience puts me in a unique position to know what needs to be done from a tactical level and a strategic level.

I have experience in all functional areas of digital marketing, but my expertise is in content marketing and remote team management.

What also makes my experience different is that I have a unique remote-first skillset & a bootstrapped mindset. For the past 5 years, I’ve been working with 100% remote teams and delivering results. I believe remote teams are the teams of the future and my skills are aligned with that.

As a person, I’m a self starter, helpful & loyal. I have a strong professional network and I’m always investing in my personal brand & relationships.

Results include:


  • Grew a time tracking software’s revenue from $220,000 ARR to $4mn ARR in 3 years.
  • Grew a B2B blog’s traffic from 10k/mo to 90k/mo in 2 years, primarily via search traffic.
  • Shaped a B2B product’s online brand that eventually got them customers like Lyft, Eventbrite & Stuart Weitzman.


Here’s what my colleagues say about me:

“Madhav gives clear, concise directions and suggestions while maintaining an approachable personality.”

“There are not many people who will go to the lengths Madhav will to do a great job for you.”

“Madhav was a mentor of mine and I have him to thank for all that I’ve learned and how much I grew.”

“He has a driven approach to marketing that is centred around metrics and data while also incorporating qualitative qualities to his work.”

What is my marketing philosophy?

The three Cs.

What is my expertise?

From a T-shaped perspective, my expertise is in content marketing (SEO, content, email marketing, CRO) & remote team management. Outside of that, my experience has led me to build some useful skills in marketing operations (scaling strategies, building & managing processes & driving project ownership by team members via KPIs). I believe in a remote-first work culture.

Anything else?

Influential SaaS powerhouses like Trello, Salesforce & Upwork have published my work and media outlets like Entrepreneur, CIO & have covered my strategies. If you want to read those articles, here are some of my best ones:

  1. How I Train New Hires Over and Over Again Without Losing My Mind
  2. The business-goal driven mindset that enabled us to grow 5x
  3. My advice to first-time managers
  4. Achieving Hyper-Growth With a Team I’ve Never Met in Person
  5. How We Used Time Analysis to Reduce Churn
  6. How We Scaled a 100% Remote Team (Video)
  7. How we made a CRM tool 500% faster
  8. Hiring the right remote worker (my interview with CIO magazine)
  9. Growth lessons on growing from $200,000 ARR to $2M ARR (podcast)
  10. Processes – the key ingredient of a winning growth strategy
  11. What I learnt after interviewing 15,000+ freelancers from 156 countries
  12. How marketing KPIs empowered my team
  13. How we manage our marketing KPIs (our 3 step process)

Successful strategies

  1. Process that helped us grow from 8k to 48k organic traffic in 20 months
  2. Transforming a marketing ‘tactic’ into a ‘scalable strategy’
  3. My Experience With Building & Scaling A Curated Newsletter
  4. How I grew Hubstaff’s social traffic by 350%
  5. Using Direct Sales to Grow Hubstaff from $287k to $883k
  6. How Integration Partnerships Contribute 5-10% to Hubstaff’s $1.3M+ Revenue
  7. Lessons as a marketer from a real-life incident

What’s next?

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