Madhav Bhandari: The Speaker at Your Next Conference

If you’re interested to have me as a speaker, drop me an email on madhav [at] madhavb dot com.

I’m available to talk about building & managing a remote marketing team, freelancing trends and how to scaled our remote marketing team. I can also talk about SEO, content marketing & coaching marketing team members.

I’d like to be part of a talk where you can professional video recording available.

Here are some of my talks:

  1. Payoneer roadshow – how we scaled our remote team
  2. Freelancing trends – data-driven trends on how to charge higher, get better clients, attract more clients as a freelancer.
  3. Organic traffic conference – How we grew Hubstaff’s organic traffic from 10k to 90k/mo in 2 years
  4. ExposureNinja – How we grew Hubstaff’s online brand presence
  5. AdvanceB2B – How we grew Hubstaff’s revenue from $200k to $2 million
  6. Remote Marketing Teams – What, Why & How