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I started a podcast on remote marketing teams

In 2012, I worked with my first remote marketing team.

In 2017, I decided to pursue a long term mission – enable all co-located marketing teams to go location independent.

In 2018, to support this mission, I launched the world’s first blog dedicated to remote marketing teams on

A couple of months back, I launched the world’s first podcast on remote marketing teams called Remote Marketing Podcast. The podcast covers everything you need to know about remote marketing teams – from building one to managing one.

  • Lots of episodes out already
  • New episode every 2 weeks
  • Available on Spotify, Apple, Google, YouTube etc.

Why did I start this podcast?

Listen to it 😉

How do I subscribe to the podcast?

Here’s the mailing list.

Madhav Bhandari

I'm a marketer who's been working with remote marketing teams for 6+ years. My long term mission is to make all co-located marketing teams, location independent.

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